10 benefits of myofascial release

I am super excited to share with you my latest article for Nancy Nelson Yoga website. This one is all about the 10 benefits of Myofascial Release. Those of you who practice with me hear me talk about fascia and connective tissue ALL the time.

Enjoy Learning Even More About Myofascial Release!

Take a few minutes to sit down with a cup of tea or green smoothie and discover why I love to share so much content about this important topic!

Link to full article is HERE!

10 Benefits of Myofascial Release - Caroline Layzell Yoga
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Here is an excerpt to give you a little taste:

“In the last 18 months many of us have spent more time sitting down than often, working from home, unable to do our normal activities in the same way as previous months and years. As a result of less movement and more sitting our posture often suffers. Think about some of the repetitive movements we do when working from a laptop looking down, or at our phones and that is just our neck and upper back. People who find themselves on their mobile phones more will also find repetitive strain injuries around the wrist and thumb such as carpal tunnel syndrome issues.

Our poor bodies starts to believe this is our new way of functioning in day to day life. Our brain believes that this new way of sitting or moving or slouching (let’s be honest!) is our new posture and reinforces this position by not sending information via nerves to the areas that used to move more freely. We lose our existing body maps to certain areas that no longer move as much.

Fascia in these areas start to get dehydrated as movement of any kind hydrates our tissues. This results in our fascia thickening, becoming more congested and the tissues such as muscles which fascia wraps around and within, as well as our organs become essentially trapped or restricted. This then limits the functionability of these parts of the body both internally and externally…….”


In the article itself I share with you 10 detailed benefits of Myofascial Release. Click here to read more 🙂

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