Fascinating fascia

Fascia is something that continues to be explored by yogis and scientists alike. It is a subject and matter that is constantly evolving, which for me is one of the many reasons why it is so fascinating. Because of this, I recently I wrote an article for Nancy Nelson all about this topic and I explore ways in which we can keep our fascia healthy and happy.

Below is a snapshot of the article, and you can read the full article here. I would love to share it with you all.

What is Fascia?

“Fascia is this incredible casing of connective tissue that surrounds and holds every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fibre and muscle in place. It holds us together into this 100% interconnected network of sensory communication. In Latin, “fascia” translates to “band” , suggesting fascia quite literally bands us together. 

Instead of focusing on the separateness of our parts, fascia gives us the opportunity to appreciate the reality of our connectedness instead.

Fascia is now thought to be our richest sense organ. It is believed to have the ability to contract independently of the muscles it surrounds. It is also now thought to respond to stress without our conscious command.  This means that fascia is impacting your movements, for better or worse.”

WAYS IN WHICH WE CAN help our fascia to move intelligently

My article talks even more about the role it plays in our nervous system, and the health of our movements. You can read more about ways to keep your nervous system healthy here.

In the article I share with you a handful of ways in which we can keep our fascia healthy. So here is a snapshot of number 1:

1) Change things up – don’t do the same thing daily, add variety to your movements

Add variety to your daily movements for healthy fascia

Move your body in as many different ways as you can! Think of all of the things that you like to do that allow you to move and make time each week to do them. It can be as simple as going for a run one day, a walk the next day, swimming, dancing, gardening, house cleaning, skate boarding, yin yoga, power yoga, trampolining! You get the idea! Our body, and our brain, thrive and grow on new ways of moving and doing things. We create more power and neural pathways when we move more creatively!

Click the link here to read more. Let me know in comments how you find it, and please feel free to share from the original article on Nancy’s website.

Love from Bali x