Re:Connect Day 6 – Find Your Balance Flow

Let’s dive right in – a rejuvenating 25-minute Find Your Balance Flow.

This class is designed to build some heat and power in our legs, activate our core (on all layers) and get playful and curious with how we move around the mat. Expect to sweat a little! We work through a series of chair poses, eagle pose, tree pose, warriors and explore the full space of our foot to find how to use our feet better for balance. The perfect class to bring more awareness to how we find our balance, AND train our feet in their natural environment. So much information for the body maps that our brain creates through our movement is lost by wearing shoes!

Proprioception at its Best:

By using the feet better when we move on the mat we remind the muscles of their roles, and keep power in the feet and help create better proprioception and body maps for our brain!