Re:Connect Day 10 – Slow Down and Be Present

Congratulations on reaching Day 10 of our incredible journey together!

Today is all about celebrating YOU, your dedication, and your commitment to prioritizing self-care for a full 10 days. What an amazing way to kick off the new year! This program was never about a “New Year, New You” mentality; it’s a gentle reminder to prioritize YOU and your well-being. You’re doing exceptionally well – take a moment to celebrate that!

Today’s Practice: Slow Down and Be Present: 

To honor this milestone, we’re slowing our movement down in a practice aptly named “Slow Down and Be Present.” This Yin Yoga class is designed for those who believe they need 60 minutes or more to enjoy the benefits of Yin.

What to Expect:

In this class, we’ll focus on the kidney and urinary bladder meridian lines, inviting calmness, space, clarity, and nourishment into every cell of your body. We’ll open the heart space, release tension in the inner thighs, upper, and lower back – perfect for busy individuals who sometimes forget to schedule time for self-care.

Let your nervous system know you’re in a safe space, embrace the opportunity to unwind, calm down, and recharge your batteries.