Re:Connect Day 2 – Hip & Spine Flow 

Let’s dive right in with our second practice

After yesterday’s invigorating whole-body flow, today we’re transitioning into a more mellow session, placing a special focus on our hips and spine.

Awaken and Energize:

This class is designed to gently wake up your spine and hips, infusing your body with a feel-good, awakened vibe right from the start. As we flow, we’ll encourage you to slow down, journey inward, and observe any tightness, imbalances, or tension – allowing them to gracefully melt away.

Perfect Post-Desk Flow:

Ideal for those returning to the desk today, this session serves as the perfect remedy to kickstart the New Year. It’s a mellow flow to counteract the effects of social events, reestablish your yoga routine, and regain focus.