Re:Connect Day 8 – Twisty Vinyasa Flow

Let’s Dive in Together – Twisty Energizer Flow

After yesterday’s grounding slow passive holds, we’re stepping forward with the intention of creating warmth and fire – the Yang energy to complement the Yin from the day before!

What to Expect in Today’s Flow:

In today’s 30-minute practice, we’ll be moving the spine through a series of invigorating twists, starting from various positions. From reclined and seated to low lunges and downward dog, we’ll explore open and closed twists. Engaging our inner thighs to open the outer hips, along with activating obliques and deeper core muscles, we’ll hold our twists longer to support the spine. Notice how each round of twists becomes more effective through our preparations.

This class is exactly as it sounds – an energizing flow that reminds you don’t need a full 60-minute practice every day to make the most of your movement time.