A transformational 6 week mentoring and coaching program

Experience empowering methods to enhance your teaching skills as well as successful strategies to nurture and grow your community

The Confident Yoga Teacher: Mentoring program

Starts October 2nd


Things have shifted in 2021 with so many new ways of teaching and sharing and new skills to learn! Not to mention SO many more yoga teachers out there all trying to catch attention! 
The good news is that you can now reach your NEW community anywhere in the world from your very own living room!  Although that is exciting, it can sometimes come with an element of uncertainty around it. 
You might be wondering how it is possible to make that happen, where to begin, how it can work if your community is small or you aren’t that familiar with how to even communicate what it is that you do! Or are not clear on WHO you want to teach beyond those you already know. 
This is new territory for all of us! We have all been here at the start of our careers!
The more you read about how to be seen, the more work you realise there is to be done and you might be wondering where to start, how to make your mark. 
This is why I have created my brand new mentoring program. Something that I am so passionate about sharing with you, and wish I had access to when I was just starting out as well. I will share with you all of my learnings and skills to help you to stand out in the crowd as the amazing teacher and yogipreneur that you know you can be! 


We will create a strong foundation from which to start so that you feel confident in your WHO and HOW and WHY. 
Who = who are you serving or talking to
Why = what are you helping them to solve, what problem do your skills help them with 
How = How do you reach those people 
Then we work on your expertise as a teacher. I will share with you how to
gain clarity around who you serve, and to find your niche
nurture and expand your audience, as well as your teacher offering 
get clear in your brand and messaging, and how and where to share this 
strengthen your yoga toolbox with intentional, creative, functional yoga sequencing skills 
learn the foundations of anatomy and how to apply that to your sequencing, your communication, your expertise as a teacher
create material that takes your students beyond simply one off yoga classes, into workshops, series, and retreat opportunities as well 
set you up with everything you need to communicate clearly and CONFIDENTLY your offering with your audience 
create solid marketing plan with a clear strategy to grow your community AND teaching expertise 


I invite you to join me for the most comprehensive program for enhancing your yoga teaching skills to Become a Confident Yoga Teacher. By the end of this program: 
  • You will have launched your yoga career with the skills and confidence that will set you aside from everyone else! 
  • You will show up as a Confident, Visible and Knowledgeable Yoga Teacher! 


The Confident Yoga Teacher

In 6 weeks you will learn: 
  • What it really takes to grow and  nurture a community who resonate with your clear messaging 
  • Proven strategies, content and templates to confidently step out as an expert in your chosen field 
  • How to tune into a specific niche audience 
  • Processes to consistently create and share valuable content to attract and nurture your community
  • How to create monthly content plans for media and sequencing plans, and how to use your content and messaging in the most valuable ways to help you make maximum impact 
  • From this, how to create a 6 month content plan for class planning, marketing and social media to get you noticed as an expert in your area 
  • How to grow your email list with valuable content rich newsletters, challenges, problem solving messaging 
  • How to create intelligent sequences that help transform your customers practice and experience of yoga and well-being
  • How to understand their anatomical needs and asana anatomy, and how to use this knowledge to create functional Vinyasa yoga practices 
  • How to overcome Imposter Syndrome and avoid burnout 
  • How to create a plan to connect with like-minded professionals in your niche network to extend your reach 
  • How to grow a community based around authenticity and inclusivity where you share your offerings 
You will be supported to stay motivated, focused and on track with a simple step by step framework, and me as well as an accountability partner within our private Facebook group. You will be able to start each day and module with focus and purpose. 

I will support you

I will support you through this process, having once been here myself as a new teacher. I have been teaching for 10 years now and trust me when I say I have explored all of the different ways to get to be a successful confident yoga teacher. Let me share with you a tried and tested methodology and help to give you that kick start that you know you need!

6 Modules 

The program is made up of weekly masterclasses every Saturday 3-5/6pm Bali time (replay added into our Program home), and a weekly Question & Answer session on a Wednesday (time to be confirmed). In addition to this there will be some online content to explore, accompanied with some homework activities to prepare ahead of certain group discussions. 


YES! All of them geared to develop your sequencing skills 🙂



Workshop: How to Create a Simple Home Practice 

First step to sequencing



Workshop: Anatomy of the Hip 

In this we talk about the health of the psoas, hamstrings, glutes and adductors and how we need to move smarter and more functionally with the knowledge we discover. I will talk about how to move away from our “stretch, stretch, stretch” approach to the hips and towards something with more longevity.



Workshop: Anatomy of the Spine

In this, we talk about the health of the spine collectively, the natural curves, the unique nature of the vertabrae in each section of the spine, the health of our discs, and healthy movement patterns!


BONUS 4 ~ VALUE €150

10 Vinyasa Flow & 5 Slow Flow Classes

So you leave my program with 15 sequences to apply to your own classes and the knowledge to adapt these sequences to your own goals and the circumstances of the class room.


Teach exactly what you are most passionate about to the people who really need and value your services
➔ No more trying to please everyone as your messaging attracts people to YOU 
➔ Create messaging that made you stand out from the crowd as an expert in your field 
➔ Discover how to solve people’s problems with combining your passions, expertise and experiences 
Allowing you to use your energy on what matters to you the most, developing your skills as a Confident Yoga Teacher
Confidently teach classes that really get to the core of what your students need in their mind and body through your choice of shapes, order of sequence and precision of communication style
Create intelligent and functional yoga sequences that allow students to explore their sense of strength, power, self discovery, tapas and inner state of well being in Every. Single. Class


This program is for you if:
  • You want to make a bigger impact but are unsure of your first steps and you feel a little lost with process or where to start 
  • You are unsure on who you are talking to and end up trying to talk to everyone
  • You don’t know where to start with anatomy and how to apply it to your sequencing and teaching cues
  • You are struggling with how to create stronger skills in your knowledge around sequencing and find yourself teaching similar classes hoping nobody notices 
  • You suffer from imposter syndrome and it is stopping you from taking action
  • You want to fine tune your teaching skills, expand your knowledge and watch your confidence soar
  • You want to create playful yet intelligent sequences that will grow your student’s practice, knowledge and confidence
  • You want to empower your students’s practice and self-awareness through your articulate and precise  guidance
  • You want to use a tried and tested sequencing methodology that allows you to share your passion in a creative way but doesn’t take hours to create! 
  • You need a proven framework and a self belief boost!
  • You are ready to invest in yourself and your business 

What you Get

6 week Program
Members only private Facebook Group
Members only Content Portal where we host our learning
Course Workbooks, checklists, resources and templates
6 x weekly Q&A/coaching calls
6 x weekly 2-3 hour masterclasses
An accountability study partner

This program is valued at €1500 (priced separately)

It also includes:
10 Vinyasa Classes (valued €100)
5 Slow Flow Classes (valued €50)
How to Create a Simple Home Practice Workshop (priced separately €35)
Anatomy of Hip Workshop (priced separately €35)
Anatomy of Spine Workshop (priced separately €35)

Total Value = €1655

you get it for €99

(for the first 10 who join us and then €249)



This is a trial run program of what will become a 6 week coaching program for Yoga Teachers, and the basis of an annual 6 month transformational mentoring and coaching program longer term. 

You are invited to join me NOW at an insanely affordable price which I build out and finalise the content of the program. You will get to learn, learn, learn and enjoy weekly masterclasses and small group discussions to help you build your confidence and skills.  All that I ask is for your fullest participation so you gain as much as you can, and to share with your feedback along the way and a simple testimonial upon your completion!

Are you ready to transform your yoga teaching career? To move past the fear and into your confidence? You will gain so much clarity and Become a Confident Yoga Teacher who is seen as an expert in your niche!


Your Investment





Meet Caroline

Caroline Layzell is a Yoga Alliance registered E-RYT 500. She has been teaching and sharing yoga since 2011, as well as teaching Pure Vinyasa 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training programs, 50 & 100 hour Yin Yoga, Chinese Meridians & Five Element YTTs. She is currently teaching on yoga retreats, workshops, and hundreds of public and private classes each year on the island of Nusa Lembongan, Bali, Indonesia.

Caroline came to yoga from an athletic and competitive running background with a desire to better understand her body after the continued injuries from various long distance and track running events.

She took her 200-hour Vinyasa flow yoga teacher training with Michael Watson in Bermuda in 2011, and 500-hour Hatha YTT with Rosheen at Rishikesh Yog Peeth, India in 2013.

Caroline was first trained in Yin Yoga, Chinese Meridians in 2015 (60 hours) and then Yin Yoga & Myo-Fascia in 2018 (65 hours) by Jo Phee who is one of the 1st certified Yin Yoga teachers in the world, previously a senior student and assistant to the founders of Yin Yoga themselves – Sarah Powers and Paul Grilley! She also studied with Sarah Powers in January 2020 (70 hours).

She trained in Restorative Yoga (30 hours) with Anne Wanda in Ubud, Bali in January 2019.

Caroline continues her learning through her attendance on a 1000 hour YTT with Tiffany Cruickshank and advanced 100 hour Anatomy modules with Jason Crandell, and Noah Maze (online and through face to face trainings in Jakarta, UK & USA.

why I created it

My passion is sharing yoga to people who want to grow their experience as both a practitioner and yoga teacher. I am an anatomy and creative sequencing specialist (and geek) and love to share intelligent, functional, creative and playful flows and the how and why of the yoga shapes at any opportunity I can! I teach strong, dynamic Vinyasa flows with a purpose and intention that drives people to explore both the physical and mental aspects of the practice. My students learn how to develop their own unique identity and ways of moving and sharing and I love being witness to their journey! 
I have been practising yoga for 14 years, teaching yoga for 10 years, worked as a studio manager for 8 years, and studio owner and lead teacher for the last 6 years. I started sharing 200 hour, 300 hour and 50 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings 5 years ago in Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. 
This program is mostly an extension of my personal experience as a studio owner. Many times, my new teachers would tell me they had the feeling that they didn’t learn sequencing during their own training and were sometimes a little lost on how to develop and grow their students, and their own offering. Over the years I found ways to help them develop their sequencing skills, build their confidence and share advice on how to better market themselves in ways that not only grew their own community but brought more students to their classes at my studio
Something you learn as a more experienced teacher is that it is YOU, and YOUR style and the safe space that you create with YOUR intention, YOUR words and language that makes people want to continue to practice with you.  You learn who your community is and how to share with them, and quickly learn that like attracts like and so your community grows through this common language. 
Sometimes new teachers arriving to work with me would wonder why their classes weren’t as busy as other students, wondering if they had bad time slots or something was wrong with their teaching. I quickly began to realise that many of them didn’t know how to do it or didn’t realize how important it is. In yoga, the teacher is the product, we build the relationship with our students! If we sit back and wait for people to come to us, it doesn’t work for long! We need to have a clear identity and offering to share! 
That is what I want to share with you all on this incredible journey! How to Become a Confident Yoga Teacher, to get better at your teaching, be clear in what you offer and who your community are, how to reach more yogis and grow your community and share your expertise!

“What Kind of Teacher Do You Want To Be”

Enjoy the first 15 minutes of one of our lectures together!