Creative sequencing

30 hour ~ 225€

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Our 30-Hour Yoga Teacher Training program will provide you with a unique opportunity to deepen your understanding of Sequencing. We will explore your ability to sequence from a focus point of introducing “peak” poses (single andmultiple) based on anatomy primarily, and with a focus also on benefit or ailment.

There will be a window of time spent on creating and discussing thematic & philosophical style classes. You will expand your skills around how to facilitate a relaxing energy or an invigorating state (and anything in between) as we explore the energetics of asana categories. You will also learn about how to use your voice, language and communication skills to help you to share your passion of Yoga & Anatomy with the world around you.

Creative sequencing

Topics covered in this training:

  • Basic anatomy breakdown of some Key Peak poses forsequencing purposes
  • Learn to understand concept of weaving in simple to complexasanas into a sequence
  • Understand the energetics of different asana categories
  • Understanding the ARC of sequencing
  • The principles of intelligent sequencing-
  • Sequencing for anatomical Peak Poses primarily-
  • Discovering Peak poses and how to work backwards from a peakpose to create a sequence


  • Sequencing for a benefit/ailment/seasonal perspective-
  • An introduction to Ladder Sequencing technique
  • Creating progressive sequences for experienced and regularattending practitioners, As well as, how to teach to a multi-levelclassroom
  • How to use your voice, language and communication skillseffectively-
  • The Art of Creating a Class Foundation to apply to each sequence created – Covering of sequences for each main asana category including Forward Folds, Twists, Backbends, Arm Balances and Inversions

who is it for?

1) The yoga teacher who is ready to take the next step in their teaching career by broadening their experience and offering to include intelligent, creative and progressive sequencing and and how to put that into the context of yoga and teaching to a multi-level classroom as well as those more seasoned practitioners in the classroom.

2) For yoga practitioners who are interested to learn how to create a safe andsustainable home practice of Vinyasa Yoga

Creative sequencing

This training will take place over a 9 day period with 4 days of 4-5 hour LIVE lectures, discussion & asana classes. Live sessions will take place somewhere between 1pm and 7pm (Bali time).  

Creative sequencing

Pre-recorded yoga classes and live zoom asana classes are scheduled for you to take onspecific days (at times of your choice – recordings of all zoom classes available too) during the 9 day training.

Along with some course content to read, and some homework / sequencing / journaling assignments.

There will be flexibility for students who are unable to make all live sessions. For these students, or those in different time zones, the videos will be recorded and can be viewed after the live time.