yin for Finding presence & stillness

I am thrilled to be able to share with you an article I wrote for Nancy Nelson Yoga called Yin Yoga for Finding Presence & Stillness.

Here is a small taster of my article. Scroll down to read the whole thing and enjoy a sequence for Kidney & Urinary Bladder meridian lines.

“We live in a busy world in modern society

There are constantly distractions of some form or another. Things to think about, to do, to achieve, to strive for, deadlines to meet, places to get to which often can serve as stessors.

When we spend more time in sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous system than parasympathetic (rest and nourish) we can find ourselves living with chronic stress. Long term chronic stress can have sad consequences for our mental and physical well-being.

The practice then has to start with self awareness, and being able to take moments to pause and notice that we are indeed moving away from center. Then choosing to live a life that allows you to calmly make you way back into a state of balance. Life is always in flux and everything is temporary. Our mission becomes one of tuning in regularly, and working our practice into being one of a lifetime of awareness. Introception.

Caroline Layzell Yoga

Enjoy a yin sequence for finding stillness & presence Here

I would love for you to let me know how you find the article and enjoy the Yin practice for finding presence and stillness that I share with you. Our focus in this practice is around Kidney & Urinary Bladder meridian lines shapes. It is designed to help us to unwind, slow down and journey inward.

Here is a snapshot of the Yin sequence shared in the article to give you a taster 😉

The article can be read HERE

Yin for Finding Presence & Stillness

If you enjoy it then please take a moment to explore more of my Yin classes here. For even more moments of stillness don’t forget to sign up for my 5 Days of Pranayama Gift here.

Enjoy yogis,

Caroline x