Want to introduce a practice that allows you to build awareness of what is happening inside of your body from an anatomical perspective? One that allows you to better understand how to find the perfect blend of strength, mobility and flexibility that your body needs?

Want to reduce lower back pain, niggles around the hips, knees and ankles?



I support active yogis, athletes and runners to build foundational strength, reduce lower back pain, minimize injury risk, manage existing injuries through educating about our bodies with smart training (movement) plans, increasing knowledge about our unique anatomy and improve focus and mindset

I will help you to find a strong foundation from which your other activities can grow even stronger!


How do we do this?

The biggest problem that most of us have is finding time in amongst our busy training schedules, family life, work life. Yet without these programs of balancing movement and stillness, we risk injury and burn out and moving even further from our aspirations

Learn how to create balance through short and effective practices you can easily fit into your daily routine without feeling overwhelmed

We will do this in these 3 ways:

  • Functional Movement & strength building – to stabilize our “core”

  • Mindset & Integration – balancing our strength, flexibility and range of motion to optimize recovery 

  • Restoration & Recovery – your chance to unwind mentally, increase joint mobility, balance emotional and physical health

Our end goal is to ultimately help you become better at your activity of moving!


Customer Reviews

“Your yin class from yesterday was a salvation! I’ve always got issues with my hips…and need to see an osteopath to fix them yearly. Having pain for weeks now. Til yesterday! I woke up like new” – Isabel

“I love your sequencing, how it all adds up to where you’re going, the classes always make sense and are interesting along the way. Always come out of Vinyasa with a lovely feeling like I’ve worked hard. Always come out of Yin incredibly relaxed. My practice is definitely benefiting as you’re pushing us to try new things and experiment with the foundations of keeping the body safe and strong” – Georgie

“I love your classes because they’re all body part focussed, with very detailed explanation which even for me as always yoga beginner helps to do the asana correctly. I love the technical part so I know where I should feel the pose and how to get to it. Thank you for doing these classes for us” – Anezka