3 HOURS ~ €35

Detailed presentation around the whole “mandala” of the hip + A moving yoga class where we put into practice some of the practical elements of the learning



Healthy Hips

The health of your hips in particular are crucial to the health of your body long term, and interestingly your brain! 

Without the hip, many of the movements we take for granted each day would not be possible. Hips are important in bearing our weight, walking, running, and giving our body stability. However, hips can be injured. 

Fortunately, it takes a considerable amount of force to seriously damage a healthy hip. The large muscles of the thighs, lower back, and buttocks all help protect the hip from injuries. So, when a hip injury does occur, it is more likely to be caused by chronic overuse of the joint and its associated muscles rather than a direct, traumatic injury.

Although yoga does do lots of good, there are areas that can compromise the health of our hips if we come to the practice with a belief that our hips are tight and need stretching.

I am sharing here with you some of the anatomical details of our hips, trying to break this down into bite size chunks so it is super easy to understand and show you how and why we need to take a slightly different approach to our practice. Both on and off the mat. 

Learn More About Your Hips  

This workshop is 3 hour long and includes a detailed presentation and discussion around the whole “mandala” of the hip. In this we talk about the health of the psoas, hamstrings, glutes and adductors and how we need to move smarter and more functionally with the knowledge we discover. I talk about how to move away from our “stretch, stretch, stretch” approach to the hips and towards something with more longevity for our hips. Something I hear as a teacher again and again is how tight peoples hips are! When actually so many of us need more strength and mobility, which is turn creates more space and freedom of movement.

It also includes a moving practice where we put into practice some of the practical elements of the learning. We explore together some drills and skills for strength and muscle isolation and activation that I sprinkle into my own classes, and aspects of hip mobility and nerve flossing.

Learn about the details of the anatomy of the hips, including the 3 layers to a joint

Learn and explore skills and drills to help maintain strength, mobility and health for the hips, the surrounding muscles and tissue

A moving practice to incorporate some of the theory into a more practical application