Yin and Chinese Meridians

50hr YTT


Online Zoom Sessions – October 5th, 12th, 19th & 26th

In person weekend – November 4th & 5th, Topsham, Exeter, Devon

This course is a combination of Zoom live sessions, pre-recorded content and classes to enjoy in your own time prior to an in person weekend together to deep dive and integrate the learning

£600 for first 5 sign ups (£695 normal price) 


This training will provide you with a unique opportunity to deepen your understanding of functional yin yoga, while delving even deeper into traditional Chinese medicine with a focus on Chinese Meridians, Five Element Theory & subtle energy body. We will explore how to communicate the physical, mental and energetic benefits of this practic, along with discussion around nervous system health and pranayama. Sequencing training will be focused specifically on chinese meridians and five element theory with homework assignments to explore teaching special population. Expand your skillset and learn how to share this beautiful practice of slowing down and tuning inward.

You will learn to embody the anatomy and philosophy of yoga, cultivating a deeper understanding of subtle body anatomy that you can sprinkle into your classes, and take further into better understanding your own practice and body.

Topics covered in this training:

  • Daily asana & meditation
  • Daoist Principles of Yin & Yang
  • What is Chi?
  • Chinese Meridian Theory
  • Five Element Theory
  • Physical, mental & energetic benefits
  • Yin & Yang organs
  • Function versus Aesthetics
  • Meridian Clock
  • Teaching Special Populations 

  • Yin Asana Labs as relevant to TCM 
  • Nervous system, wellbeing and the Art of Pranayama
  • Art of Sequencing linked to Chinese Meridians & Five Elements
  • Emotional aspects of Chinese Meridian Theory
  • How to teach & communicate both functional & energetics of Yin with confidence
  • Introduction to teaching functional Yin from a unique anatomy perspective (focus on hips)
  • Appropriate use of props and adjustments to suit diverse needs

Who is this training for?

1) The yoga teacher who is ready to take the next step in their teaching career by broadening their experience and offering to include the balancing gift of Yin Yoga

2) For practitioners who are interested to learn how to create a safe and sustainable home practice of Yin yoga

Yin Yoga Chinese Meridians


This training will take place across a number of ways including pre-recorded lecture and asana content, live zoom sessions with Q&A and asana practice. It will then come to a conclusion together over a 2 day weekend spent together in Topsham, Devon on 4th and 5th November, 2023. Live sessions will take place on 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th October, times to be confirmed. 

Yin Yoga Chinese Meridians

Pre-recorded yoga classes and pranayama sessions will be scheduled for you to take at specific points through the course as they link to the content which you are learning at each stage of the programme.  We approach the learning one pair of meridian lines at a time for ease of learning and the chance to practice in our own bodies what we are learning in the theory. By the time we meet in person we will enjoy several more uniquely sequenced practices together which we will break down and discuss from a functional sequencing perspective. 

There will be with some course content and articles to read, and some homework/journaling assignments.

There will be flexibility for students who are unable to make all live sessions. For these students, or those in different time zones, the videos will be recorded and can be viewed after the live time.


What Other People Share 

“Thank you for your course. Thank you for that beautifully curated manual. I’ve been slowly sifting through it. I really love your style and how you taught us to sequence a class. I teach with a new confidence. I cannot wait to grow more. I’d love to study with you more” 

“My yin training with Caroline has really changed my perspective towards my health, my practice and my teaching. Prior to, I was constantly feeling burnt out and practiced a lot of vinyasa and power yoga, but the training and Caroline’s guidance really helped me to see how to slow down and tune in. Yin is now my favourite practice, every day I take at least one shape. It’s also one of my favourite practices to teach, alongside slow flow,  I’ve left power behind for now as I realised it wasn’t best serving me” 

“I loved my time on the Yin Training Course with Caroline. The course was both informative and engaging. Caroline led the group well and had a lot of knowledge to share. The small group setting meant that it was easy to share information between students too and created a great learning environment.”

“My TMC and Yin Yoga teacher training with Caroline was extremely authentic with such important knowledge. I learnt so much from the beautiful perspective of Caroline, she always uses clear explanations and is very available for all questions. She is very dedicated to Yoga and all anatomic aspects.I will recommend without hesitation to follow this training”

“The way in which you carry yourself and have organised the “online”aspect is thoughtful and professional. And the amount of knowledge you’d gained across the years clearly shows, but you have a way of making it digestible to a newcomer.” 


Structure of our 50hr Program 

The 50 hour YTT meets the requirements of the national Yoga Alliance and provides training in the foundational principles of teaching and living yoga including: 

  • Techniques, Training & Practice 
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics for Yoga Teachers
  • Practicum

Frequently Asked Questions 

Yin Yoga Chinese Meridians

Q) Is this Yoga Alliance certified? 

A) Yes, 200 hour Yoga Teachers can submit this course to Yoga Alliance. Those who are not yet yoga teachers will not be certified to teach after the course

Q) Are the modules and lessons available after the live sessions if I were to miss a live class? 

A) Yes, the modules and lessons will be available for people to review at any point during the course and beyond

Q) Will I receive any course materials? 

A) Yes you will receive a Yin Yoga manual, a Yin Yoga asana manual and access to our Facebook private group where you can post questions, and share knowledge and learning tools with all other students. This group lives on beyond the course so you can stay connected with your peers. 


Meet Caroline, your Teacher Trainer and mentor

Caroline is an E-RYT500 with over 12 years experience in teaching yoga. She began her Yin Yoga journey in 2015 with Jo Phee (the assistant to the Founders of Yin Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers) in Australia, and now has over 200 hours of Yin training qualifications. Her first training was focused on Traditional Chinese Medicine, and it is here that she was introduced to Paul Grilley’s method of anatomy and herein began her passion for changing the way she teaches in both her Yin and Vinyasa classes and sharing this incredibly valuable theory.

Caroline continues to study towards her 300 hour Yin course under Jo’s guidance, having studied Myo-Yin in Germany in 2018 and soon to join the Qi-Qong and Acupressure program. She has also studied with Sarah Powers in Bali, studying 70 hours of Mindfulness and Yin in Bali in 2020. With Jo’s blessings, Caroline has been sharing her Yin & TCM (module 2) YTT and Yin & Anatomy (module 1) since 2016, and has helped over 150 students to move to the Yin side with ease and confidence! 

A Taster of my Yin Teaching & Style